When ordering audit services, few companies today are only interested in gaining the positive report. Quality audit allows to discover reserves and additional opportunities to increase the business efficiency. Therefore, even providing traditional services of mandatory audit of the companies (under Russian or international accounting standards) we do not limit ourselves to issue the relevant report, but also provide a number of additional services. In particular, we evaluate tax risks of the company, work of its financial department and internal control system, state of company’s property and efficiency of its use..


Mandatory Audit

ЗRequirements for organization of general and tax accounting and financial reporting had grown significantly in the past ten years. Today there are new forms and methods of accounting. Financial reports became the major source of information that allows to assess financial and proprietary statute of the company.

Until recently, tax authorities were the main users of firms’ financial reports. Today company’s business partners are becoming more and more interested in its financial indicators. This trend occurred due to the influence of international standards as well as from continuing legalization of business. Shareholders and counterparties are not indifferent of the financial statute of their investment object or partner. It is also obvious that no serous bank will open a line of credit to its customer today, unless an audit company with an impeccable reputation confirms the reliability of its financial reports. In this environment, any company faces the need to hold a professional audit at some point. Thus the audit of financial reports becomes the most important tool that not only helps improving the quality of accounting, but also affects business reputation of the company itself or its enterprise.

Many years of experience working on the professional audit services market allowed us to design a perfect management system that provides for efficient and quality services.


Tax Audit

Tax audit includes assessment of tax obligations and development of comprehensive set of measures to protect our client from being held liable for tax offences. Upon completion of the tax audit, Client receives objective and reliable information about possible amount of penalties and fees from the controlling authorities, related to wrongful tax calculations, recommendations on how to fix the existing violations, and also information about overpaid tax amounts. Our professionals can significantly decrease company’s tax risks, related to a field tax inspection.


Special Task Audit

Our clients’ interests are not limited by confirmation of their financial reports. Today they also need an audit that can reveal reserves and additional opportunities to increase business efficiency. Individual approach and the use of the latest technologies allow us to account for peculiarities and desires of every customer to the greatest extent possible. Special task audit helps management of our client companies to obtain information, which is vital to making good managerial decisions on current issues.