Department of Intellectual Property Management

Mikhail V. Kirillov-Ugryumov,
Vice President,
Director of the Department of Intellectual Property Management

There is a definition of business as a process, which turns knowledge into economic values. Intellectual property is a part of knowledge that has the most commercial importance, as it can be a source of income or an object of a transaction. Efficient management of intellectual property, creation of the portfolio of rights on the results of research and development, gaining income from the use of incorporeal rights – all of the above can be the conditions to ensure competitiveness and economic security of enterprises.

We offer our clients the full range of services, related to involvement of intellectual property into the economic turnover, including the following areas.

Development of local normative acts for the state public authorities of Russian and Russian regions, enterprises, companies of any legal status

  • Development of the concept of intellectual property management system and the set of corporate standards for companies and enterprises;
  • Development of methodology to conduct inventory of intellectual property objects and other results of intellectual activity, taking into consideration the company’s structure and goals
  • Determination of the best practices to reflect the results of intellectual activity in general and tax accounting; development of corporate accounting standards for intangible assets and income and expenditures, related to research and development contracts;
  • Drafting of agreements on cession of proprietary rights on intellectual property objects; license agreements; commercial concession agreements; property trust agreements; copyright agreements, etc

Representation of clients – enterprises, companies of any legal status – with state public authorities and in courts of Russia

  • Consulting support in settlement of issues of legal defense of the country’s interests related to the R&D results, arising from execution of export of military goods with state public authorities (Federal Service on Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation; Federal State Budget Institution “Federal Agency on Protection of Military, Special and Dual-Use Intellectual Property (FGBU FAPRID));
  • Inventory of the results of intellectual activity (RIA), creation of automated register of RIA, drawing recommendations on improvement of works on creation, legal defense and use of RIA;
  • Consulting support on issues of share distribution between the right-holders of RIA (based on the method of determination of intellectual succession of RIA), monetary appraisal of the rights on RIA; reflection of RIA as part of intangible assets in accounting records;
  • Representation of client’s interests in courts of general jurisdiction or arbitration courts on issues, related to creation, use and violation of rights on RIA and intellectual property objects;

Implementation of automated intellectual property management systems

  • Automation of the intellectual property management system and its integration into the client's information environment.
  • Presentation of the automated intellectual property management system “Intellectum” and provision of its demo version for acknowledgement with its capabilities
  • Deployment and support of the “Intellectum” automated management system at client’s enterprises; upgrade and adjustment of “Intellectum” in accordance with the client’s needs; training of client’s employees on how to use “Intellectum” software.

Legal defense of the objects of industrial property, including identifications and copyrights

  • Execution of patent researches
  • Execution of market conjuncture research, including study and forecasting of the market conditions, its tendencies and development potential; short-term forecasting of market value and product yield; methods of product distribution
  • Data mining of patent and scientific technical information on Russian and foreign information sources
  • Assessment of patent clearance of technical objects
  • Patenting, trademark registration, software and database certification, etc.