Ilya G. Antonov, Director of the Department of Appraisal

Appraiser’s report is required in many cases: when buying or selling property or proprietary complexes, forming charter capital, merger, acquisition or breakup of enterprises, providing property as a security for loans and credits, insurance, etc. Such sophisticated assets as shares (including those that are not traded on organized stock markets), intangible assets (such as intellectual property) can also be subject of appraisal.

Besides the full range of appraisal services on company’s property listed below, our specialists are competent to provide services on assessment of investment projects, designing business plans and investment memorandums that are required when company aims for initial public offering, issuing bonds or other securities to attract additional capital for business development.

  • Appraisal of the running enterprise (business)

    During business appraisal we determine the value of all company’s assets: real estate property, machin-ery and equipment, inventory, financial investments, intangible assets, etc. Also, the overall efficiency of company’s performance is assessed separately, including its past, present and future income, growth potential, and competitive environment in the market. We also compare the appraised company against similar market players.

  • Appraisal of real estate

    Such appraisal is required, when our clients need official confirmation of the value of real estate assets or, for example, when determining the object’s value taking into consideration its use (i.e. land plots that are available for multiple functions, real estate objects eligible for conversion, constructions in propgress and other sophisticated objects).

  • Revaluation of fixed assets

    Revaluation is one of the most demanded appraisal services. It results in determination of current values of market price for each unit of fixed assets for their correct accounting. Being an efficient tool of the company’s financial policy, revaluation allows to gain the following benefits: increase depreciation fund, increase wealth of company shareholders, increase actual value of charter capital, improve company’s financial ratios.

  • Appraisal of intangible assets

    Appraisal of intangible assets is, first of all, assessment of company’s intellectual property, such as pa-tents, licenses, certificates for industrial property objects (inventions, useful models, industrial samples, trademarks and service marks, protected designations of origin, etc.); know-hows, certificates of author-ship for scientific, literary, artistic works, software, databases, etc.

  • Appraisal of machinery, equipment and vehicles

    Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and information about machinery and equipment markets. We constantly monitor the market environment. In our practice we apply authentic methods and proce-dures, as well as self-invented economic and mathematical models. This allows us to provide the highest quality services on appraisal of any types of goods and chattels.