American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham) reaches out for creation of positive business environment in Russia. Being a liaison between its members, politicians and business leaders both in the USA and in Russia, AmCham detects common issues of the business practices and initiates the search for mutually beneficial solutions.  American Chamber of Commerce advocates the all-around improvement of the regulatory framework in Russian-American relations, offers specific assistance to certain members of the community in resolving problems, and also provides opportunities for business development by participation in regular general events.

The primary task of the American Chamber of Commerce is to ensure that governments of the United States and Russia, presidential administrations of both countries and business circles representatives hear the conspectus of the Chamber’s members

Membership with AmCham offers United Consultants FDP an opportunity to timely receive legislative information, keep track of draft laws, being reviewed by State Duma.

Participation in the events, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce, offers an opportunity to maintain wide network of business connections both in Russia and the USA.