About Us


United Consultants FDP is one of the oldest and most acknowledged Russian consulting companies. According to the Expert RA Rating Agency, our company regularly confirms its leading positions in tax consulting field..
Our company professionals not only maintain widespread practices in the field of taxation law, but also actively participate in legislative activity, suggesting additions and amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Company’s stable market position is a result of high competency level of our employees, high demand for our services, and also our dedication to the highest service quality standards and strict compliance with internationally acknowledged business ethics standards.


Our company is a member of the Counsel on improvement of tax legislative and regulatory compliance practices of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia. Also holds the annual All-Russian Tax Forumtogether with the Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Our company was established in 1992 as “Financial Domain “President”. Since late 1995 we’ve opened the department, specialized primarily on tax consulting services. As Russian legal and regulatory frameworks developed, the need for new areas of expertise became obvious.
Today, United Consultants FDP offers consulting services on a wide range of business issues – from budgeting and establishment of management systems to financial audit and tax support. Our experts daily solve practical tasks related to not only tax consulting, but also to the wider issues related to resource management strategies.



As a socially oriented company, we support the fund «Science for Life Extension», which seeks the means for significant prolongation of human life’s active cycle. The goal of the Fund is to make the radical life extension into the Russian national idea. Over 50 scientists from various scientific areas take part in the research.

United Consultants FDP also support the Children’s Lokomotiv Ice Hockey Club of Yaroslavl. Team offers training to the kids born in 1998. UC FDP also helps organizing children’s ice hockey tournaments in Eastern Europe.

As part of our support of social institutions, United Consultants FDP also provides gratuitous legal support to Solovetsky Staropigialny Spasso-Preobrazhensky (Savior-Transfiguration) Monastery and to the Orthodox Religious Organization «Anzer Skete of the Golgotha Crussification, Metochion of the Solovetsky Staropigialny Spasso-Preobrazhensky Monastery».


Departments of United Consultants FDP:

  • Tax Consulting assessment of company’s tax strategy; preparation for tax inspections; consulting on process of communication with tax authorities; and protection of clients’ interests in courts;
  • Legal Advisory Practice Consulting on general legal matters, from establishment of business project’s legal framework to client’s protection in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, both civil and criminal; corporate consulting;
  • Financial Audit Preparation of financial reports for various companies.;
  • Management of Intellectual Property Appraisal and protection of intellectual property objects; preparation of documents for the export of intellectual property; development of software products for the corporate intellectual property management;
  • Appraisal of assets both tangible and intangible, for various purposes, such as investment or credit applications, or sale of assets;
  • Consulting services pertaining to hydrocarbon reserves and resources evaluation, development of oil & gas fields
  • Legal Consulting for housing and public utilities companies: tax consulting; revelation of hidden resources; development of financial management strategy.
  • Improvement of company management systems in accordance with Lean Six Sigma concept.
  • From the moment of establishment, our company’s style of business is defined by the high competency of our employees; ability to find non-trivial creative solutions; and the internal need to step outside the limited circle of problems in order to ensure the efficiency of client’s business.
  • Core principles of United Consultants FDP: Professionalism. Reliability. Effectiveness.