Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation

United Consultants FDP is the full member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and takes active participation in its legislative and organizational activities.

Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation is a non-government, non-profit organization. It promotes development of Russian economy, its integration into the global economic exchange system, creation of favorable conditions for growth of all kinds of entrepreneurship, including industry, internal and external trade, agriculture, financial sector and services.

Goals and objectives of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia:

  • To encourage modernization of national economy, attraction of investment and application of innovations;
  • To protect business circles in their relationships with state and local public authorities;
  • To establish an efficient system of expert assessment of legislative and regulative drafts on behalf of entrepreneurs;
  • To network with foreign business circles, international business organizations;
  • To promote the quality of resolution of civil and legal disputes, development of arbitral proceedings;
  • To promote the principles of civilized business, social responsibility and sustainability among entrepreneurship society
  • To form positive image of Russian goods and services.


United Consultants FDP together with the Chamber of Commerce of Russia hold the annual All-Russian Tax Forum, which already became a significant event on the agenda of both taxpayers and tax authorities.

Concept of the forum promotes open discussion between taxpayers’ representatives, Ministry of Finance of Russia, tax authorities and legislators. It is a unique platform for public discussion of key issues in taxation, where actual results of reforms, advantages and disadvantages of the established taxation system, specific issues of taxpayers are being reviewed. Forums attract such high-profile participants as representatives of the Presidential Administration, Government of Russia, Federal Tax Service of Russia; deputies of State Duma and members of the Federation Council, leaders of other national and regional government authorities, acknowledged scholars, representatives of leading Russian businesses.

United Consultants FDP takes active part in the work of the Council on Improvement of Tax Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice with the Chamber of Commerce of Russia. The Council is a working body of the Chamber of Commerce with a mission to connect representatives of business community, tax law experts and government representatives, responsible for tax reform and modernization of tax legislation, in a united organization. During the Council sessions, companies alongside with other experts analyze the current condition of tax system and tax legislation, draft recommendations on improvement of tax legislation and law enforcement practices, draw suggestions on draft statutes and regulations.