Charitable foundation for support of the scientific research «Science for Live Extension»

The main goal of the «Science for Live Extension»Foundation is to organize and to support the scientific research, aimed at studying of fundamental mechanisms of aging and at the development of life extension methods.

Foundation projects include:

  1. Development of the methods of regenerative medicine. . Foundation initiated and provided funding for implementation of trachea culturing under the method of famous scientist, professor Paolo Macciarini in one of the clinics. The first surgery on transplantation of tissue-engineered trachea in Russia took place in December, 2010 in the Petrovsky Surgical Center. By this time, three successful surgeries already took place.
  2. Creation of the aging diagnostics platform. Complex analysis of organism’s biological processes with the use of the panel of biomarkers, associated with aging, will allow to execute ultraearly diagnostics of illnesses, personalized selection of therapies, understanding of aging processes and selection of geroprotectors, as well as to evaluate the efficiency of medications.
  3. Creation of the complex interdisciplinary program «Extension of human life». The goal of the program is to develop and apply scientific methods to significantly increase the healthy period of a human life.
  4. Promotion of scientific research in the field of life extension. In April, 2012 the Foundation supported the organization of the 2nd International Conference “Genetics of aging and life span”. The conference united the leading specialists in the field of longevity genetics, including Robert Schmuckler-Reese, Andrzej Bartke, David Gems, Brian Kennedy, Judith Campisi, Claudio Franceschi and others.